Environmental Consultant Salary in Canada

Consultancy is actually the fastest expanding section of the economy and environmental consultancy is by no means lagging. While consulting as a whole is predicted to increase extremely swiftly in between 2006-2016 (76 % as compared with 11 % for all employment), environmental consultants are anticipated to grow by 78 %.

While this is very encouraging development in the sector it ought to be noted that career positions are not necessarily very easy to come by. Because of the prestige of the work as well as the high wages (consultants earn generally around 1.5 times what other private industry employees do), there is a large amount of competitors for consulting positions. Because of this, respected educational and professional backgrounds are often important to get into the sector, particularly at the sector’s leading firms.

The nature of the work is additionally shifting as environmental methods are created and developed, consulting will certainly end up being much more implementation based. It is important to note that while there is opportunity to advance within firms, primarily those employees with the very best academic and experienced backgrounds, along with an excellent track record of service within the company itself, will progress to the best positions. The average salary for an Environmental consultant is $62,000

  • Companies may offer additional benefits such as cellphones, laptop computers, home working alternatives, motor vehicle allocations, company vehicles, pension plans and share programs.
  • Higher salaries are feasible with postgraduate qualifications, experience and company skills. They are also a lot more typical when working in demand areas such as environmental impact assessment, contaminated land and waste management.
  • Work hours normally include routine extra hrs, but not shifts. Some consultancies could operate a flexi-time or overtime system. Weekend work could be necessary in order to comply with client deadlines and when executing land survey services that depends on good weather.
  • Work is office-based with time spent outdoors doors on site visits. This varies depending on the project, and there might be periods of time when you are in the office for a number of weeks, and others when you are on site. As consultants get even more experience, the quantity of office-based work rises.
  • Environmental consultants normally work as part of a small multidisciplinary unit, although some agreements could include performing solo field work (away from home).
  • Self-employment/freelance work is in some cases possible, although less likely without substantial experience. There are possibilities for contractual work.
  • Increasing environmental policy indicates that there is increasing need for consultancy services.
  • Jobs are available in a lot of locations, however more job is available in big townships and cities compared to in rural areas.
  • Site-based work might call for travel and absence from home over night.
  • Professional abilities are always valuable; and those with skills and credentials in ecology, hydrogeology and air dispersion modeling, as an example, will be highly employable and could determine a greater wage.



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