Environmental Planning and Permitting

The difference between Environmental planning and permitting

It is very important to recognize the issues that could overlap with planning and permitting since planning and permitting decisions are different but directly connected. Environmental planning is about assisting the progress of decision making on potential land developments and gives due consideration to the natural environmental, social, political, economic and governance factors and supplies a holistic frame work so one can achieve sustainable outcomes. Planning authorization establishes if a development is acceptable use of the land while permitting establishes if an undertaking on a site could be maintained on a continual basis to stop or reduce pollution.

In either scenario both determinations will certainly take account of environmental risks and impacts and will certainly be required before a developer can construct the proposed development and could be signed off on or rejected according to their respective legal guidelines.

Useful factors to consider

An array of environmental matters are looked at when planning applications and environmental permits are decided on, nonetheless the variety is typically bigger for planning than it is for permitting. For instance, the planning authority must bear in mind visual impact and off site traffic implications while the scope of an environmental permit is assigned by activities set out in the appropriate environmental planning laws. The permitted activities might form a part of, but not all, of the development needing planning authorization. In these events, the planning application will have to resolve environmental considerations from those components of the development that are not covered by the permit.

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